1. Jake Dubconscious

    The Village Stage Line-Up •• SMF 2017

    Year after year, The Village Stage has brought you diverse and powerful acts, with the 2017 artist announcement being no exception. Classic hip hoppers and seasoned jungle / bass artists plus a grip of current top-tier tastemakers are pairing up with what will likely be the largest stack of PK...
  2. Jake Dubconscious

    Fractal Forest Line-Up •• SMF 2017

    Fractal Forest and Team Fractal are pleased to announce our stage’s full 2017 artist roster for the 20th annual Shambhala Music Festival.  We are pleased to announce that DJ Jazzy Jeff, legendary Hip Hop DJ and producer, will be joining us back in the Forest again this summer. Also gracing...
  3. Jake Dubconscious

    The Pagoda Stage Line-Up •• SMF 2017

    As many of you know by now, The Pagoda Stage will be undergoing some massive changes this year.  Armed with a completely fresh stage design, we’ve curated a line-up to match, featuring some of the freshest acts of 2017. To mark the festival’s 20th Anniversary, a new and improved Pagoda...
  4. Jake Dubconscious

    Shambhala Sets Soundtrack to Year 20

    The Pacific Northwest’s most iconic electronic music festival celebrates twenty years of cutting edge music, mind-blowing visuals and life-affirming dance floors this August 11-14, 2017 on the Salmo River Ranch. After selling out of tickets in a record-breaking 16 hours last September, today on April 5, Shambhala Music Festival has...
  5. Jake Dubconscious

    Artist Announcement Schedule Released!

    Spring appears to be in full swing here in the Kootenays, which has us all looking ahead to hot summer days and breezy, bass filled nights. With 127 days to go, your summer experience with British Columbia’s Shambhala Music Festival is just around the corner. ..and as we draw near,...
  6. Jake Dubconscious

    A Farewell Salute to Cap’n Fuzz

    It takes a village to raise a festival. Over the past two decades, many talented people have contributed to Shambhala’s growth, success and magic. Few people have been as influential as Andy Chute, aka “Cap’n Fuzz,” who has been with Shambhala since its inception. After twenty incredible years in various...
  7. Jake Dubconscious

    Shambhalovelies •• Tito & Autumn

    Meet this young couple from Calgary celebrating love in the fields of Shambhala Music Festival​. Superman and Wonder Woman, breaking away from their every day monotony of saving folks from villainy in the city and having the time of their lives. That’s what it’s all about, right?  
  8. Jake Dubconscious

    Shambhalovelies•• Rose

    Originally from Australia, Rose is one of the main staff members at The Grove Stage. Her dedication to the space, the festival and the family vibes that go into creating a stage at the Shambhala Music Festival come alive in this honest interview where she discusses the significance of the...
  9. Jake Dubconscious

    Shambhalovelies •• Khaos

    From the streets of Vancouver to the grassy fields of #Shambhala, “Khaos” has come a long way in her short life. In our latest Shambhalovelies video, she shares the wisdom of her travels and tribulations, and a beautiful song, in this touching interview along the banks of the Salmo River.


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