1. britz robins

    Shambhala 2016 Yoga

    Join us for some self-care through grounding yoga meditation. Stretch, breathe and love up your body in prep for some deep soulful booty shaking. Yoga allows us to stay centered and connect with the true self and inner groove…revealing where true stillness and peace lives…within! Two classes daily, Thursday through...
  2. Jake Dubconscious

    SMF 2016 Mix Series 007: DJ Anger

    Vancouver Island’s DJ Anger has quickly become a very vital member of the Village Stage — not only delivering a bone-crushing set for the eager bassheads, but also working with them as lead contractor on their annual stage renovations – even representing PK Sound in Victoria, BC. Today we’ve got the live...
  3. Jake Dubconscious

    SMF2016 Mix Series 006: Mooves

    Today we share a mix from local Nelson, BC-based soundman – Mooves. This man has been making big waves on the international footwork/juke scene with his recent chart topping release on Philthtrax (check for his brand new new music video below!), while also stacking accolades at home – being voted in as the...
  4. britz robins

    Put the Shambhala Schedule in Your Pocket

    Hey Shambhalovlies! We’ve made the Shambhala 2016 schedule into .jpg format. Save it on your phone or print it out and put it in your pocket! We’ll have printed schedules available at the festival as well, but this is for you keeners who want it NOW. 😉
  5. Jake Dubconscious

    Sol Selectas / SMF 2016 Remix Contest Winners!

    **Sol Selectas, Shambhala Music Festival & The Living Room Stage Remix Contest** Here are our 2 winners for 2016: 1st Place ••• Schon Long‘s remix of “Sabilu” by KMLN feat. Mian 2nd Place ••• Timboletti Remix’s of “Mind Dub” by Sabo “Congratulations to Schon Long and Timboletti, and to everyone who took...
  6. Jake Dubconscious

    Claiming Your Electronic Tickets

    Hello Friends, Now that the will-call transfer deadline has passed, we are receiving a lot of questions regarding the transfer of electronic tickets / claiming instructions, and how people can pass electronic tickets on to their friends. Please note that the festival is unable to provide any support in this...
  7. Jake Dubconscious

    SMF2016 Mix Series 005: Amine Edge & DANCE

    French duo Amine Edge & DANCE continue to fuse house beats and hip hop swagger together in all the right ways, as they deliver an exclusive mix for our Shambhala Mix Series – hear it below and find the tracklisting at the bottom of the page. They have also just announced that...
  8. Jake Dubconscious

    Disco Nap Contest Winners!

    Shambhala Music Festival and ENO Hammocks Announce Disco Nap Contest Winners! We’ve received a ton of mighty disco nap shots over the past month, and it seems like a lot of you could really use a hammock to sleep in! Chair sleeping, tranquil riverside interludes with the squad, collapsed tent napping, performing artists grabbing...


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