1. Jake Dubconscious

    SMF2016 Artist Spotlight: Hermitude (Grove)

    The name Hermitude may not ring many bells just yet, but this Australian DJ/producer duo are no newcomers to the game. They’ve been collaborating since 2001, when was 16 and the other just 11, and releasing music as one of Sydney-based Elefant Tracks’ flagship artists since 2003 – Vancouver’s Nettwerk Records picking...
  2. britz robins

    Introducing Theme Camps!

    Have you ever thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if Shambhala had _____________,”? Here’s your chance to make your vision a reality! We’ve always been supporters of people bringing their creativity to the party and sharing it with others – whether it’s in the form of crazy costumes, totems, art or...
  3. britz robins

    Full Shambhala 2016 Lineup REVEALED!

    The full Shambhala Music Festival 2016 Lineup has been revealed! This year’s sold out event features 300+ artists and 400 hours of entertainment at six unique stages. Come dance with at our 19th annual festival at the Salmo River Ranch in Salmo, BC. The AMPhitheatre The AMPhitheatre is back for...
  4. Jake Dubconscious

    The Pagoda Stage • Full 2016 Line Up

    Shambhala’s very own Pagoda Stage is proud to present its stacked 2016 lineup! We have wanted to host Boys Noize for years – head of Boys Noize Records in Germany and comprising half of collaborative project Dogblood, alongside Skrillex – his unique style of analog gritty techno is prefect for...
  5. Jake Dubconscious

    Fractal Forest • Full 2016 Line Up

    Fractal Forest and Team Fractal are pleased to announce our full 2016 artist roster at the 19th annual Shambhala Music Festival. First and foremost, we are proud to announce that renowned producer and member of the Legendary hip hop group The Roots – Questlove – will be joining us in...
  6. Jake Dubconscious

    The Grove Stage • Full 2016 Line Up

    The Grove and all your favourite #gnomies are pleased to present our music and performance line up for Shambhala Music Festival 2016! This year we dive into many musical realms with tastes from around the globe. We welcome Australian electronic hip hop duo Hermitude to kick off the weekend, followed...
  7. Jake Dubconscious

    The Village Stage • Full 2016 Line Up

    The Village Stage is thrilled to announce the full line-up for the 19th edition of the Shambhala Music Festival! We feel this is one of the stage’s best line-ups yet, with heavyweights such as Andy C, Caspa & Rusko, and Sub Focus ready to rip the roof off, to Roni...
  8. Jake Dubconscious

    The AMPhitheatre • Full 2016 Line Up

    The Amphitheatre is back for 2016 with a full clip of producers from the furthest reaches of the globe. From Perth to Prince Edward Island, expect original music directly from the hands and minds that created it. Witness legends alongside the freshest, newest, up-and-coming producers in the world. Warm up...


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