1. Jake Dubconscious

    Sound The Alarm! Remix Contest 2014

    above photo by Cody Puckett Shambhala Music Festival, in co-operation with Aufect Recordings, is proud to present our 2014 ‘Sound the Alarm’ Remix Contest! Download the stems from one or both of our remix tracks, and enter for your chance to win an incredible prize package including an artist pass...
  2. Jake Dubconscious

    Headliner Artist Profiles Launched!

      Today we’ve launched the artist profile section of our website, our 90+ headliners that were first announced back in March all have profiles and the regional/local acts will be up in a couple months. We’ve spent a lot of time organizing profiles for each of our headliners, going in depth...
  3. Mitchell Scott

    Join the Shambhala Crew!

    Every year a normally pastoral 500-acre farm near Salmo, BC transforms into a city of nearly 10,000 people. And while the vast majority of those are there to dance and enjoy the world-class music the Shambhala Music Festival has become famous for, you can only imagine how many staff it...
  4. Andy

    The Grove

    Deep within the Shambhala forest lies a sacred space that has constantly evolved over the years. Influenced by a variety of stellar contributing artists, the space formerly known as the Labyrinth will transform into what we’re calling, The Grove.
  5. Andy

    Living Room

    Many people call Shambhala ‘home’. Every home has a Living Room. A comfort space. A place to relax and host friends and family. The Pride and family have been nurturing this space for 14 years, and there’s a chair in the river waiting for you.
  6. Andy


    Throughout the years, the AMPhitheatre has been known to cover a diverse spectrum of top-quality music. From live music regulars such as Five Alarm Funk and Delhi to Dublin, to legends like Adam Freeland and Bonobo and countless established and up-and-coming artists, the AMPhitheatre is a legend.
  7. Andy

    Fractal Forest

    Please join us on the funky spaceship for this epic journey to the 12th dimension and back. You’re guaranteed to have a life-altering conscious awakening, now boarding at noon, August 8th, 2014 in the Fractal Forest™.
  8. Andy

    The Village

    Welcome to the Village! A supernatural, sci-fi, Tiki town tucked away at the back of the most pristine Kootenay mountain location imaginable…Shambhala.
  9. Andy


    The Pagoda has been one of the world’s foremost pioneers of video mapping technology since the idea first became possible with high powered high definition projection. Every year we take it a step further. This year is going to be nuts.


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